Is Proactive Good? Read This Article Before You Buy The System

is proactive good?Is Proactive Good For Acne?

If you are concerned and are asking yourself Is Proactive good for your skin, then you need to read this article BEFORE you shell out a penny.  While the mechanisms behind the development of acne are the same in everyone, all treatments are NOT equal.  Adults generally have thinner, drier skin than teens and as a result need gentler products.  Teens on the other hand, have more resistant pliable skin and can generally withstand a harsher product.

Is Proactive Good For Adults?

If you peruse blogs and forums online you would come to the conclusion that “NO” it does not work for adults.  The general consensus is that Proactive is way too drying and causes more side effects than it’s worth.  As a former user, I would have to agree. At first it did clear up my acne (I had 40 nodules at one point!) but I was left with extremely dry, tight, shiny skin.  This made it extremely difficult to put on foundation, which would turn a dark shiny shade.

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Is Proactive Good For Teenagers?

Since I am no longer a teenager, I had to do some thorough research to get to the bottom of this question.  If you had asked me “Is Proactive good for teenagers?” I would have answered “Yes!” It is a benzoyl peroxide based system which is drying but if anyone could handle this it would be young, oily teenage skin right? Wrong! Not so fast. About half the teens had the same experience as the adults did with the other half swearing by it as their holy grail acne treatment. Is Proactive good for acne on your skin?  You won’t know unless you try it.  Acne treatments depend on your body chemistry.  What works for your best friend may not for you and vice versa.

Is Proactive Good For Oily Skin?

Skin is oily due to genetics and hormones.  The sebaceous glands at the bottom of the follicle are over active and produce too much oil.  The active ingredient in Proactive benzoyl peroxide works to kill acne causing bacteria that normally resides on the skin.  The problem with benzoyl peroxide is that it can be too drying.  When skin is overly dry it sends a signal to the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. More oil is a disaster in terms of acne control.  Now if there were some natural moisturizing elements also included in the formula then I’d certainly say “Go for it!” Without adding back moisture you are just stripping away the skin’s protective barrier.

Is Proactive Good For Older Skin?

I think by this stage we all already know what the answer will be.  I must add that I have a girlfriend with perfect skin that is in her late 30s who swears by Proactive. She says that when she stops using it she starts to breakout again and judging by her smooth complexion it does work for her.  However the majority of us in our 30s and beyond will find it to be disappointing with repercussions.  Older skin is thinner, drier and may tend to have wrinkles so it’s a constant navigation between pimples and lines!  Having benzoyl peroxide as it’s main ingredient will not work for more mature skin types.  Proactive does not have the natural ingredients like green tea, aloe, licorice to nourish skin from the inside out.

my 2 centsIs Proactive Good? My 2 Cents

Truth be told, Proactive TV commercials have used celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry to appeal to impressionable teens. Their products use basic ingredients with only ONE active ingredient that is benzoyl peroxide. The packaging is also very simply put together. The success of the system can be attributed to marketing genius more than the efficacy of the products.

In order to treat acne correctly a comprehensive system with several active ingredients and natural herbal additives would be required. That best acne treatment on the market today is without a doubt Exposed Skin Care. Find out about it.

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